Sibling birth order dating

Youngest Men with older sister: Seem to be more sensitive. Youngest Men with older brother: I feel a lot of them that I know are a little bit mischievious, cool, a little bit of a player, charming, but tend to like a challenge.I tend to have a great initial attraction with them but it never works out as a relationship.

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Or do these theories not apply to your dating/relationship life?

Only child and youngest; first-born and youngest; middle child and youngest: Gender plays a role here as well.

The last-born needs someone to show him that while having fun is a wonderful thing, it takes hard work and perseverance to make those daydreams into reality.

First-born married to a first-born: This relationship is likely to be high friction - either butting heads from day one, or falling into a controller-pleaser pattern. First-born married to a middle child: The danger here is that the middle-born may alter his or her own behaviour to please the first-born.

Only children: They are too similar to me that it's just plain awkward.

But for example I have girlfriends who have a younger brother, and they always get with younger guys. Do you all have certain patterns of having relationships that work out better with certain types or attraction to certain birth order types?

Middle child married to a middle child: This relationship has the potential to go either way.

If one of the middle-borns has first-born tendencies and one has last-born tendencies and traits, this can be a good match.

On the other hand, if both partners share the solid and secretive characteristics of middle borns, communication is likely to suffer - though you'll do well compromising to get along and keep the peace.

This match has the least chance of experiencing marital infidelity.

However, if you have last-born tendencies, this can be a very good match for you.

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