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They spanned the broad experience of gay life, a life led with a current of tension and secrecy under even the most tolerant of circumstances. Sakara, bearded and burly, lived openly for nine years with a lover and ended each night he spent at a downtown bar with a vamp of "I'll Be Seeing You." Thomas R.

Mulcahy was wedged deepest in the closet: Active in his church and at the height of a successful career, he was married with three grown children and one still in college.

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He was identified after the police showed his photograph to other prostitutes there, Sergeant Woodfield said. Mulcahy, 57, was married for more than 30 years and lived in a two-story colonial house in Sudbury, Mass., a comfortable suburb 15 miles west of Boston.

Investigators said he was last seen at several gay bars in Manhattan. He was a model of success, a sales executive for Bull H. Information Systems who was once posted in South Africa.

Peter Stickney Anderson, a man with an aristocratic name and lineage, was married twice but many friends assumed he was homosexual.

And Anthony Morrero used his bisexuality for cheap commerce: He turned $10 tricks with men in a bathroom on the second floor of the Port Authority bus terminal, the police and others said.

His brother traces the biggest problems to break-up of Mr.

Morrero's marriage in 1980, a union that was apparently strained by his desires for men. He went to Washington, to California to see our mother. Sometimes we didn't know where he was." He moved to New York around 1985, and his last steady employment was as a custodian for eight months in 1990.

Now investigators from three states and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are sorting through the strands of these four complex lives -- along with that of a fifth man -- to determine whether their violent deaths were linked.

In a series of gruesome discoveries dating to May 1991, each man's body was found hacked up in garbage bags, dismembered in some cases with surgical precision.

The torso of one man, Guillermo Mendez, had been drained of every drop of blood; each fingertip was clipped from his hands.

"It causes us immense concern," said Kenneth Gribetz, the District Attorney for Rockland County, where Mr. "There is a very strong possibility that this was not a single act, and God forbid it could happen again." No Hard Evidences Explode Mr.

But there are similarities among the victims: All were middle-aged men, gay or bisexual, between 44 and 56. Arthur Michaels, his supervisor at the New York Law Journal, where he was a typesetter, remembered huge meals at the start of every shift, at P. "He was very bright, intense in a good way," said James Hoffman, head of Journal Graphics, where Mr.

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