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Some of these Latinisms include (Greek/Latin) , the equivalent term in Greek).All this is used to argue that Mark wrote for a Roman audience, perhaps even in Rome itself, long the traditional location of Mark’s work in Christian beliefs.It’s likely, though, that Mark was written in an environment where Roman rule was a constant presence.

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Harland notes the theme in Matthew of the conflict with the Pharisees. He then assumes that this represents a later time in history, post-destruction, when the rabbis had developed from the Pharisees and were well into their conflict with the Church.

Thus a date of 80-90 gives enough time for that conflict to have developed. I do not agree that the destruction of the Temple could only have been spoken about just a couple of years before the event.

Jesus, as a man who could read the times, could have predicted the destruction of the Temple, even without supernatural powers.

Regarding the conflict between the synagogue and the church, I think scholars are also mistaken.

The inference that Mark’s community was suffering persecution is also sometimes used to argue for a Roman origin, but the connection isn’t necessary.

Many Christian and Jewish communities suffered at this time, and even if they didn’t, simply knowing that somewhere Christians were being killed just for being Christian would have been sufficient to produce fear and doubt.

Instead of the Romans, Mark’s author lays the blame with the Jews — primarily the leaders, but also to the rest of the people to a certain degree.

This would have made things much easier for his audience.

Those who favor an earlier date argue that Mark's language indicates that the author knew that there would be serious trouble in the future but, unlike Luke, didn't know exactly what that trouble would entail.

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