Intimidating guys attractive

If she shit tests you it’s a great sign for two reasons. Two, she is probably a very confident girl to begin with and has the cojones to hang with an otherwise socially intimidating guy like you.

What follows are my personal thoughts and observations on those differences. Strangely enough, if you go out of your way to prove your own value she gets creeped out because she thinks you don’t like yourself enough already.· Make her comfortable!

She is going to look UP to you and feel like she has to rise to the occasion of meeting you.

We’ve all seen various forms of these creatures in venues before; they might have overdone tans, frosted tips, fake colored hair or wear really obnoxious clothes from big name brands.

Being handsome is not a pass for doing the work to be a well-rounded man.

Use your complements to make her feel great and comfortable.

This is what makes me really love meeting women as a handsome guy.

This is where complementing her, self-deprecation and screening her comes into play.

Do this wrong and she will hardly be able to speak or flake out.

If you are a physically attractive guy, get excited.

If any of these sound like your past, this post is for you: Women approach you first and it never goes right Women seem to welcome your approach then instantly bust your balls You’ve had solid rapport and investment from a girl and then she doesn’t show up for a date Women in bars look at you then quickly look away as soon as you look their way Part I: The main point of this part of the post is: being a handsome guy is a blessing for meeting women because it instantly gives you value.

As an aside, this also means having something else about you providing value like a good job or a hobby.

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