Gerber mk 1 knife dating system

Most sheaths have a boot clip and a ring at the bottom to secure the sheath with a thong (extra bootlace) if worn outside the boot. Most combat boots, including jungle boots, fit too closely to permit carry inside the boot.

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I don't know why, he was big enough not to need it.

Thankfully, he was too drunk and/or dumb figure out what he was doing wrong, gave up and walked away.

Yours should have a black hilt & black leather sheath.

The very earliest Mark Is had a grey/green hilt & brown leather sheath (of the same design as the black one).

I was so drunk I just let him tug away, not realizing just what it was he was doing- I knew he was pulling on the wrong end- just couldn't figure out why.

I found out later he was known for stabbing people with their own knives- thought it was the height of cleverness. This is mine; Made a new leather sheath for it as the original nylon one wasn't too good.

I have an early one with the cat's tongue finish on the handle.

When I lived in LA I would sometimes carry it in my pocket if I went to the ATM late at night.

Regards, David I have several Mark 1's that I am also trying to date. Incidently, I purchased my personal carry in 1978 new, with ser# 074929.

The main thing I'm trying to discover is which of these are made from "tool steel" and which were made from the carbon steel.

It's fitted with a thick piece of nylon reinforced rubber that holds the knife sheated while still providing a quick-draw when the need arises.

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