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If you fail and she likes caddishness, then she’s probably not a true GCG, even if her dad is a deacon, a pastor, a missionary, or an elder. The only girls who will hold it against you are the ones who are used to cads pushing for more. Plus, with a GCG, it’s better to let her hamster run for a month or two, or even longer, wondering why you won’t kiss her, than to try too early and confirm that all you want is sex.

Block and immediately report verbally and/or physically abusive users. Never provide bank account information or agree to lend someone money. Be cautious if someone claims to live locally but is currently out of the country. Completely cut off communications if you feel uncomfortable. Jump back in after a month or two in the real world.

Always dump someone in person, or in a phone conversation, if necessary. If you're feeling jaded or burned out by online dating, take a break. It could take just one embarrassing spelling error to turn off the perfect mate. Play the field; don't pin all your hopes on just one potential online match.

So if Christian men are enjoined from sex or any physical escalation that the woman claims not to want, and Christian men are not to take advantage of alcohol, a bar setting, sexual innuendo, and being alone with a woman in his or her home, then how can a Christian man impress a woman with his alpha bona fides?

I’m sure that if you posed this question to the Boundless types, they would scoff at the idea that a real man even needs alcohol . Real men impress through their superior character and leadership skills!

Being genuinely nice to the unlovelies is a huge DHV.

But you can help to manufacture it—via the Internet.

Do not post photos of family or friends (especially without permission). Don't dwell on your high school trip to Paris when you visited Barcelona two months ago. If available, use the dating site's instant messaging and email features instead of handing out your personal addresses. Beware of unexpected email attachments, especially those sent to a personal account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo). Remain on a first-name basis as long as possible, but learn his or her full name before the first date. Search for your date on Google and Facebook to get a feel for his or her personality and history. Compare his or her dating profile to what you find on Linked In and other social media sites. Do not be shy about ordering a background check on someone before meeting. If you tend to overshare, try to be vague about your activities and partner. Remember that sarcasm does not breach written text. Pay attention to what you read in someone's profile, and ask questions based on their interests. Meet in person after about the fourth email—not too quickly, but not so drawn out that you become bored with each other. Always meet in public, whether it's the first or eighth date. Share a profile picture of your date with family and friends, or, if possible, discreetly snap a photo to share in case of emergency.

Refresh your profile with new pictures and life changes as they occur. Tell your date what you do, but don't reveal your office address or gossip about coworkers. Initially keep social media postings (such as status updates and photos) about potential mates to a minimum.

It’s not always enough to be the alpha of your clique of friends.

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