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The authors of the documents did not do it for you in most cases.

There may have been some anticipation of the calendar change in the British Empire just before 1752, but in most cases, finding a date written as 22 February 1731/2 is rare.

"It is as though architects had to measure length in feet, width in meters and height in ells; as though basic instruction manuals demanded a knowledge of five different languages.

It is no wonder then that we often look into our own immediate past or future, last Tuesday or a week from Sunday, with feelings of helpless confusion." The Julian Calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, but in those days the year number was the number of years since the founding of Rome (753 BC in the modern calendar).

Although the Julian calendar at 365 days per year is fairly accurate, it is in fact 11 minutes and 10 seconds too long.

By the mid 1500s it was 17 650 minutes or 11.6 days adrift from astronomical time.

The double dating indicates the situation of a date between January 1st and March 25th.

As a genealogist, any date you find in old records before 1752, and between January 1st and March 24th, inclusive, should be expressed as a double date.

What was written was the Julian date of 22 February 1731.

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