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So the remaining stars - remember Pamela Anderson, Bristol Palin, Helio Castroneves and former boy-band-boys Drew Lachey and Joey Fatone have all been given the boot already - this week will be going head to head to see who has the best yee-haw and who can dance in a line with the best of them as the first round of dances will see the stars dance to a country hit, with backing provided by Little Big Town.

LBT's appearance also marks the first musical guest of the season. With the competition hotting up there's only so much the remaining pairs can give to mark themselves from the pack, now is the time to separate the men from the boys.

I’m not worried about a boyfriend right now.” Palin’s agent and a rep for the show didn’t get back to us.

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Johnston requested open proceedings, stating that he did not feel protected against Sarah Palin's influence in a closed court. For a brief spell, Bristol moved out of the family home and purchased a condo in Anchorage.

Whilst living there, she worked in a dermatologist's office and attended business lessons at a local college.

Their engagement was broken off in March 2009, amidst rumours that Bristol's decision to keep the baby were influenced by her mother's anti-abortion beliefs.

The couple entered court proceedings in November 2009, for custody and child support.

Britney Spears' younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears sent Bristol some baby clothes as gift.

Spears herself was also a teen mother and the press made much of comparing the two cases.

Palin now works regularly as a speaker on the issue of abstinence and charges between ,000 and ,000 for a single appearance.

Palin also set up her own lobbying & political consultation firm in 2009, named BSMP.

However, a few months later, she moved back into her parents' home.

Bristol and Levi were reunited in July 2010 an announced that they were again engaged to be married.

24-year-old Palin and her fiancé announced the news on Instagram on Saturday (14th March).

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