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How do we get over insecurities and realize that every boob is beautiful?

On the podcast we'll hear from women with boobs of all shapes and sizes, plus psychologist and body dysmorphia expert, Dr Ben Buchannan will join us to discuss why we think about boobs so much and why maybe we shouldn't?

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Day night sex chatt com

The Christmas holiday period can bring a lot of tension around the dinner table.

We're joined by Psychotherapist Melissa Ferrari to talk about how to get through the holiday period without too much stress, and how to deal with those snarky comments from that Aunt or Uncle.

Studies continually show that young people are not using condoms regularly enough.

Other studies are showing quite a few condom failures because of the user.

I debated writing about this because it’s intimate (also, I’m 35 now! ) but I actually feel like I know my readers so well, and we’re all friends here, right? We went to bed like any other night—we brushed our teeth, we read books for a while, I’m sure I obsessed about something random, and then we fell asleep. Having sex in the middle of the night felt like such a discovery! And this When Harry Met Sally scene, just for fun: P. A hilarious prank in NYC and having sex on your wedding night.

It was hazy and warm and totally spontaneous; we didn’t even say anything. And, funnily enough, the next morning, when we did talk about it, neither of us could figure out who made that first move. ) I’m curious: What time of day do you like having sex? The least sexy time for me is at the end of the day, after a big pasta dinner and two glasses of wine, when I just feel like watching The Bachelor and putting on hiking socks:) What about you?

We look at how to handle romantic rejection and still maintain your dignity with clinical director of Relationships Australia NSW and clinical and counselling psychologist, Elisabeth Shaw. Are you more productive if you take a quick fap-break during the day?

Hannah isn't so sure, but is prepared to be convinced by our guest, sex therapist, Tanya Koens.

Dominatrix and sex worker Miss Fleur gives us the rundown on what exactly happens, and we hear from Ryder Susman who got peed on all in the name of research.

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